Sunday, October 3, 2010

Spring, Glorious Spring!

Hi fellow bloggers/readers, again, it's been a while between drinks. Hope you've all been well.

We've had a fun, busy few months, and have so been enjoying the arrival of Spring. From little buds blooming on the occasional plant, to lambs frolicking clumsily in the paddocks, there's been lots of awe, observation, and discussion of the changes amongst us. We've adorned our seasonal table with egg shells, a bird's nest, posies of flowers and other Spring treasures and have been spending lots more time outdoors in the garden and our surrounding area.

We had a great week in Sydney suburbs recently, exploring the bushwalking trails where my Gran lives. She's just alongside the Georges River and bought her home as a tiny shack for next to nothing, years ago on a couple of acres of fertile bushland. These days the house is much larger and more comfortable and the land is probably worth a mint, but she wouldn't dream of selling- we are so thankful for that, as her place is a true sanctuary for us, it's ''home''. I spent my first 4 years there as a child, and every school holidays after that, and have fantastic memories of wandering about with an old saucepan making ''witches stew'' in the bush. Water from the outside tap, a fist full of soil, a few strips of paper bark, an assortment of crushed-up leaves, a sprinkling of camelia petals, and a pinch of maiden hairfern for good measure (or fairy bubblegum, as we used to call it). Now my own kids are leading their own games and exploration, in what seems like a land of infinite possibility. Caves for hiding in, jutting rocks to climb, rainbow lorikeets, rosellas, king parrots and grass parrots to spot... exciting stuff!

Anyway, back to the bushwalking... we took quite a few photos of native Australian wildflowers in Sydney, and plan on taking some more in the bush near our own home, so we can compare the flora and see if we can spot the same species. We've decided to head to Borders this week and buy ourselves a book of native plants and a bird book (hopefully a couple of pairs of binoculars eventually too, as bird watching has become a shared interest.) Between myself and Gran we were able to label several of the natives on our walk but for some we had no clue, so Mr 4 and I have decided to do some research. Here are a few pics from our travels.

Hope to be back soon with more Spring adventures. Til then, take care.

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